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The Thames Goldfield was administered from the Gold Commissioner James Mckay's tent, and then in a more permanent office at Shortland, presided over by the Assistant Commissioner of the Goldfield of Thames, Mr Allen Baillie. A smaller office at Coromandel was opened later. This database is an index to original records of people and companies mining in New Zealand during the period 1861 to 1872.

Important note: The Goldminer's database is an index only and cannot be used as a substitute for viewing the original records.

THAMES GOLD FIELD (includes Tapu, Waikawau, Tararu, Karaka, Waiotahi and Puriri.)

Location of the records:Archives NZ, Auckland, New Zealand

  1. Miner's Rights Register Books kept by the Gold Warden at Thames:
  2. BACL 14358 1a (August 1867 - May 1868)
    BACL 14358 2a (May 1868 - December 1868)
    BACL 14358 3a (December 1868 - December 1869
    BACL 14358 3b (January 1870 - July 1872)
    (Note: No entries were made in the Miner's Right Register book 3b from 28 Sept 1870 until 26 January 1872 and these entries appear to be missing.)
    Accompanying the Miner's Rights Register Books are incomplete indexes (handwritten and contemporary with the records themselves). Only one of these indexes covered the time period 1867 - 1872 but it was not used for the Goldminer's database:
    BACL 14357 1a (1867 - 1868)

  3. Claim Transfers:
  4. Certificate of Registration of a claim, or transfer of a claim from one miner to another.
    BACL 14424 1b (March - April 1869)

  5. Registrations
  6. Registration of and the reason for the absence of a miner from his claim for any length of time.
    BACL 14358 1a (August 1867 - June 1868)

  7. Claim Protection
  8. Protection of the claim due to the absense of the miner because of illness or injury. The Doctors have also been indexed.
    BACL 14427 1a (March - December 1869)

  9. Business Licenses:
  10. BACL 14414 1b (November - December 1868).

COROMANDEL GOLD FIELD (includes Kennedy Bay)

Location of the records:Archives NZ, Auckland, New Zealand

  1. Miner's Rights Register Book kept by the Gold Warden at Coromandel:
  2. BACL 14437 1a (September - October 1869).
    (54 Miner's Rights)

  3. Mining Leases of land at Coromandel and Kennedy Bay
  4. AAAE 1126 1a (December 1869 - October 1871)
    AAAE 1126 1b (June - November 1871)

Explanation of the Record Types in the Database (First column in the results chart).

Click to enlarge the image

An illustration of results obtained from The Goldminer's Database for HULME. Note the column labelled TYPE. This refers to the type of Mining Privilege, in this case: MR (Miner's Right) and BL (Business License). There are many types of records included in The Goldminer's Database. A Key to the different types of records is given just below the results table.


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